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The company's position in the industry leader in the company's decision to pay the same leader in the industry;

  • Company "job salary + bonus + year-end performance bonus" pay model also reflects the "talent, performance leader" principle.

Monthly payment for employees in certain household items; Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival holiday gifts paid to employees; employees for employees to invest in a leisure area with a fitness, refrigerator, microwave and other facilities, a separate activity room, reading room and staff dining area; in employee marriage, fertility, the company donated gifts or gift giving congratulations; employees and their parents, children, spouse, birthday, company donated flowers or birthday cake; concerned about the health of employees, organized every year examination; employees enjoying the state holidays; enjoy the company held a variety of recreational activities and fund the company's domestic and outbound tourism organization; pay five for each employee social insurance and housing fund; emphasis employee satisfaction, quarterly company-wide employee satisfaction survey of all ...


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