Century Ruifeng Group Corporation (formerly "Century Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Ruifeng") was established in July 2003. For more than ten years, in the correct leadership of the board of directors and the joint efforts of all staff, always adhere to the "pragmatic, learned sincerity" spirit of enterprise, to achieve the leap development of the enterprise has been formed in the international and domestic trade of iron ore, coal, financial hock, capital operation, art photography, film and television media, beer production as the core industry configuration, covers the logistics transportation, information consulting, business training, such as all-round service system, to become the industry's most powerful one of the diversified group enterprise.
Currently, the group owns Xia Zhu Company are as follows:

Company reputation is outstanding, the accumulative total tax amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, has been the Qingdao national taxation bureau, local taxation bureau awarded "a-class tax credit rating unit", "tax advanced enterprises in Qingdao, the Qingdao industrial and commercial bureau awarded the" observe the contract heavy credit enterprise "of Qingdao, Qingdao charity association awarded the" advanced enterprise of Qingdao city charity "the glorious title.

   The company's performance. Total assets of more than 42, one hundred million yuan, sales income of more than 121 121 yuan in 2013, in the same industry in the province, industry status continued ascension. Successively awarded "China top 500 private enterprises", "top 100 private enterprises in shandong province", "China top 100 private services", "Qingdao" top 100 enterprises ", "top 50 enterprises in Qingdao services" and other honorary titles. 

Since its establishment, fulfill social responsibility, in recent years, the cumulative tax amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, the total cumulative to the education, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and other charitable public welfare donations amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. Always adhering to the "strives for the development for the enterprise, seeks the benefit for the employees, create value for customers, contribute to society" of the enterprise mission, adhere to the "trust, win-win, innovation, beyond" the management idea, is to achieve "diversified development, create the first-class brand enterprise" goal.

Century Lucky Group
Century Lucky Group
Century Lucky Group
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